AIRADIGM composite fabric TG77007

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TTG’s proprietary membranes have helped guard medical personnel and medical equipment for years. The latest AIRADIGM™ innovation takes health care worker and patient protection to the next level.  Merging expertise in filtration and membrane engineering with experience in performance fabric design, TTG has created a new AIRADIGM composite medical face mask medium that delivers an incomparable value equation that includes comfort, longevity, durability, and sustainability.


Three Layers of Protection

AIRADIGM’s composite face mask material is a proprietary construction that features:

  • Spun-lace polyester on the outside
  • ePTFE membrane in the center
  • Spun-bond polypropylene on the inside
  • Three layers sonically laminated for integrity and durability

The new AIRADIGM Health composite fabric TG77007 meets  ASTM Level 3 criteria for Bacterial and Particulate Filtration Efficiency offering the highest levels of protection against particulates, microbes, and fluids. *

Comfort and Performance

Studies have shown that PPE comfort is a must for compliance and concentration, both of which are absolutely critical in healthcare settings. Just like in performance apparel, AIRADIGM membranes keep fluids out but allow body heat and vapor to escape so that the wearer stays comfortable for the long term. Also, the composite fabric’s membrane core supports breathability without compromising protection.This unique AIRADIGM composite medical face mask fabric provides filtration capabilities that do not degrade with humidity the way that traditional mask materials do. Microbe and particle protection levels stay consistently high for all-day protection without frequent mask replacements.

 Durable and Sustainable

In addition to protecting for longer periods of time than traditional face masks, masks made with the special AIRADIGM composite material can be cleaned in an autoclave and safely reused. That relieves the stress on the PPE supply chain and improves return on investment, not to mention that substantially fewer masks end up in the landfill.

AIRADIGM membranes and composite fabrics are manufactured by TTG in the United States in a clean, resource considerate, state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality, quickest customer support, and most reliable deliveries.

*Click here for AIRADIGM’s TG77007 composite medical face mask material technical specification sheet. 

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